Be Brave - Hello Kitty Frames + Bright OOTD

By Kristine Lam - February 09, 2012

Many asian bloggers have been sporting these frames in the last little while. Not really a hello kitty fan but anything with a big fat bow on it works for me :B

I have yet to see these frames on anyone out in public though...

Link to purchase the HK frames -

Dazzlin' tiger knit sweater
This sweater has been seen worn by soooooooo many japanese models in this fall/winter season.

I got my hands on a look alike. Close enough for me. It was available for purchase earlier on my store as well. Did I forget to mention that I run Trinity Styles - well there you go :D

 Decided with the mustard yellow simply because I don't remember owning anything in this colour since my mom still dressed me :\ Like most people, my winter wardrobe (or just my closet in general) consists of black, white and greys. 

With that being said...I also decided to invest in a BRIGHT RED jacket this winter. 

Rosebullet wool jacket
The jacket is a straight cut. I wasn't so sure I would be able to "hold" this jacket up since I'm bucket with toothpick limbs (?!)
However it turns out that the material was stiff enough to hold a nice shape on me :D

That's all for now 
Next up will be a review on Kate's EDGE eyeshadow.
Thanks for droppin' by :3

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