By Kristine Lam - February 07, 2012

Hmm...well...*steps out of closet*
Harrrro to the blogger community ~ I'm Kristine

I haven't been blogging since the days when everyone had a Xanga, so I'm a newbie to the blogger community :3
Please take care of me. *bows*

What will I be blogging about? Well all the things girls love! Fashion, make-up, skin care, circle lenses...and oh of course, nail art.

I absolutely love doing nail art and do gel nails on a regular basis at home...which brings me to the focal point of this post!
Valentines Day is just around the corner and everyone has been putting their pink on ~ so I decided to attempt at some 3d acrylic art for the first time :3

The left hand ;___; (I'm left handed so...)

 Pink bows are perfect for any set of nails, in my opinion!

And last but not least, a photo of myself so you can start to remember my face...maybe :P 

 Thanks for dropping by :D

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