[Ramblings] Where art thou spring :'(

By Kristine Lam - February 27, 2012

It's sunny out but a whopping -3 degrees out this morning when I headed out for class!
Vancouver's weather is being extremely bipolar lately...Just when I thought it was getting warmer, a snow/hail/wind storm hit yesterday - it literally felt like my roof was going to come off .____.''

That being said...just a better excuse for me to pile on all my favourite cozy items and wrap up for an early 8:30 am class (ick) ... everything covered except my naked face w/o make up :')

Jacket - Laguna Moon
Boots - Venti Ann
Sweater - (not that you can see it) One Way

Basically wrapped myself in Vivi-loved brands today :D 
The Laguna Moon jacket is my best buy of the year. Huge furry sleeves and military style jackets have been such a hit this winter and this is probably one of the warmest jackets I own.

 Sleeves don't actually look that good in their official photos ;_;
Stay warm, everyone!

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