[REVIEW] Borghese Revitalizing Face Serum

By Kristine Lam - February 12, 2012

From Borghese: 


  • Enhances Skin's Smoothness & Suppleness.
  • Helps to Improve Skin Tone.
  • Helps to Invigorate Skin with Nourishing Vitamins.
  • Dermatologist Tested.
  • Vitamin Enriched.
  • Paraben Free, Fragrance Free.
  • Not Tested on Animals.
This face serum is specially formulated with vitamins E and C to help prevent premature aging and to soften the texture of skin. It also fights against free radicals to help diminish daily damage. It amplifies your morning and evening skincare regimen by providing natural extracts to help boost and maintain maximum moisturization.

How to Use:
Gently smooth evenly over your cleansed face and neck both morning and night. Allow to set, then follow with daily moisturizer or night cream. Avoid the eye area. 

I purchased this at Costco in the states for 18.99 USD + tax. I make frequent visits over the border for shopping - once every 2 weeks or so :D
I'm not sure if this is available in Canadian Costco locations, but I will check soon.

They had a huge shipment of Borghese products there this weekend and a representative from the company there to promote and provide samples. As soon as the rep gave me a sample of this on my hand - *immediately takes 2 and puts into cart* ... ah how easy it is to take a woman's money ...

Texture and feel:

The rep gave me a relatively large amount even though it was just a single pump from the bottle. The texture is quite thick but I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy and light it is after you massage it gently into your skin. It kinda feels like a gel-ish form of vaseline :p ? After letting it absorb (which happened quick), the skin felt baby soft and I'm really not exaggerating!

As soon as I got home and cleansed my face, my mom and I literally ripped the packaging apart (and got a paper cut -_-) to try it on the face. 

Then I proceeded to continously patting at my cheeks because they were so smooth and soft *__*

I have dry/combination + sensitive skin and this has yet to break me out or show any negative effects after using it for 2 days.

Packaging - 4.5/5
0.5 off ; simple being biased because it gave my mom a paper cut... :p
Price - 5/5
$18.99 (50 ml) for a serum of this quality, not buying it should be labelled as a crime >:(
Effects/Moisturizing - 5/5

If you have a Costco membership, I strongly, strongly uber strongly urge you go to stock up on this !
And no, I'm not getting paid by anyone to write this super positive review ... though I wouldn't mind some extra cash. *pokes borghese*

 Thanks for droppin' by :3

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