[REVIEW] Sonia Rykiel 7th Day Purifying Cleanser

By Kristine Lam - February 19, 2012

 Sonia Rykiel's cosmetics/skin care is one of the brands that we rarely see in North America. I only found out about this from browsing on bloggers from Asia. 

That being said...all the information I found was also in chinese.

What this product claims to do:
An amino acid powder that can be used as a deep cleanser/mask. Gently clears pores, sebum and black heads. Leaves skin feeling refreshed, soft and bright.

Suggested usage:
Once or twice a week

- Add water slowly to the powder, mixing until it becomes a cream-like texture

Because I can't find any retailers in North America...
The price in HKD is $240 for 30 packets.
Roughly $30.00 CAD

I know I know...powder cleansers are such a hassle :\ They can get all over the place if not carefully mixed. And just the entire prep process is quite time consuming. 
With that being said, I still gave this a try because of all the raving reviews from a lot of Asian bloggers.

One packet has 2g which is more than enough for 1 use. If you want to have it on as a mask, I'd use all of it. If not, you can sparingly split the portion into 2 usages. 

Theres a slight scent to this. Smells a bit milky? I don't know how to describe it D: but it's pleasant so it's all good...
I massaged it onto my face and left it on for around 5-10 minutes.

After washing it off, my face felt quite refreshed. I have combination-dry skin so most of the time, deep cleansers make my face feel really tight after. However, this cleanser didn't do that :)

Used my beauty diary's bulgarian rose mask right after. Feels wonderful ... life is good. It seems to help absorb the mask better too (just a feeling, not sure!)

Anyway ... ratings

Packaging: 5/5, simple and clean
Price: 5/5, at around $1.00 per pack...it seems reasonable to me since you're not using this every day
Effectiveness: 4.5/5, seems to do what it claims, but I didn't notice a significant difference with blackheads/sebum treatment.

Overall I think this is a very decent deep cleanser, but just slightly inconvenient because of it's in a powder form. If only this was easily assessible in North America D: !!

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