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By Kristine Lam - March 22, 2012

Japanese brands!

Since I first got into the entire anime/Japanese culture when I was around 9 or 10 (man I feel old ;3;) .. Japanese fashion was always something I absolutely adored.

And warning - pic heavy post!

Though the Korean style has been sweeping most people off their feet, I still prefer the Japanese style personally. Brands like Snidel, Murua, Liz Lisa are still my fave! Though I feel like I'm getting too old for Liz Lisa's cutesy style...sigh .____.''

Funny thing is..when I was younger, I would never be able to afford any of these brands - specially Liz Lisa because it's soooo pricey!

I've been obsessed with Murua's spring line-up lately, as well as Mercury Duo's dresses.

Recent wishlist item is from Murua ...

The fish tail dress is soooooooo cute and paired with the crop sweater = perfect ;3; ..
I'm already starting to order things to my location in Hong Kong so I don't have to bring so much clothes for my trip in April heh heh heh ~ talk about being over excited about my trip.

And you can never resist lace...well at least I cant ;3;
This lace one piece dress from Mercury Duo is perfect with a pair of simple flats or dressed up with heels. I've been contemplating on which colour to buy...all 3 looks so nice - I've been stuck in a dilemma for the longest time sigh - #girlproblems

And the following is a must have for my closet - layered skorts are SO important for me. They have always been a best seller in my store. Any style of lace, layered skorts go well with almost every outfit. I can grab any tee and sweater and match it with a pair of simple skorts then I'm good to go :D

These are from Snidel - a timeless style that has been around for quite a bit I think. Pricey, but definitely worth the money. The lace and chiffon is beautifully woven together and looks great when worn :3

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