Nails, nails and more nails

By Kristine Lam - March 27, 2012

One of the very few things I am proud of would be my nails ! I'm very lucky to have very long and rectangular shaped natural nails. I prefer to have gel overlays instead of acrylic/gel/fake nail extensions. Extensions and acrylic, although nice as times, can look very thick and are hard to work with on a regular basis :( 

Gel nails are also healthier for nail beds as they do not contain as much harsh chemicals as acrylic nails do. Plus they're odorless! Acylic really stinks and makes me sick if I work with it for too long.

Leopard prints, if you can't tell already, is something I absolutely cannot live without :3
They're easy to do on nails too ~ just a few blobs here and there.

Nail at is quite time consuming...and I'm a lazy person /rolls 
A set of gel nails (done by myself) can take up to 1.5-2 hours. Although I use soak-off gel, removing gel nails takes a while too (15-20 minutes because I soak one hand at a time)

The first two photos in this post are both gel nails, and the last is just regular polish :)
My recent discovery of  Sally Hansen's Nail Hardener made me turn back to regular nail polish :D You can read more about why in this post.

Maybe I'll make some tutorials in the future....:B

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