[REVIEW] Shu Uemura Depsea Water Facial Mist

By Kristine Lam - March 29, 2012

I must say, this is a very expensive bottle of water ($25+tax for 150ml) and it is absolutely not a "must-have" in any skin care routine. With that being said, I still love this product!

Their description:

Eight herbal aromas formulated with Depsea Water provide a refreshing, relaxing feel with a fine mist that gently wraps the skin. New pump update achieves a finer mist for enhanced comfort. Suitable for all skin types.

I love rose scented things - it calms me and my skin down like chamomile does. I was thinking about Jurlique's rose mist and this one. Jurlique's is SOOOO pricey though :'( ... though it's all natural ingredients with a lot of yummy things for your skin. I opted to try this one out first.

Depsea water is supposed to be a moisturizing toner for your skin. A lot of people was quite skeptical about this at first...and I was as well. 

I've been using it after I get home from a long day at school as well as after cleanser + my usual toner before applying moisturizer. I see this as being categorized as being a very light toner/slight boost of moisturization.

Not going to lie, this isn't some miracle product. HOWEVER, I do feel that the additional step of applying this before my moisturizer does make a subtle difference over time. I'm half way through the bottle now and still loving it! I find applying it before make up helps everything "stick" to my skin better. Sometimes I apply it after make up to help set things in. Specially useful when my skin is really dry and nothing seems to sink in my skin.

And I have to say the rose smell makes me feel soooooooooooooooo good :B 
The scent doesn't linger though, so you don't have to worry about it clashing with your perfume or anything like that if you're using it before leaving the house/during the day.

However, if you don't like rose scented things, this comes in 6 other scents as well (one being unscented)

I'm tempted to buy the chamomile one next!

Overall rating:
Price - 3/5
Effectiveness - 4/5
Packaging - 5/5

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