[TREND] - Asymmetrical hems

By Kristine Lam - March 16, 2012

Spring is coming soon (though it's AS COLD AS EVER in Vancouver ;____;) and all the cute dresses are already out everywhere!

Big trends for this year are long skirts - specially those with asymmetrical hems.

MERCURYDUO(マーキュリーデュオ)通販 |プリーツモーニングSK

Mercuryduo's spring collection features a skirt with irregular hem - the front being shorter. Kind of like a tuxedo cut?

These look so nice to walk in, with the skirt trailing behind you :3 - *floats*

MERCURYDUO(マーキュリーデュオ)通販 |プリーツモーニングSK

I tried one on ... then realized I need either:
1. Really long legs
2. High heels

I'm 165cm and it really doesn't look that great without heels :'( ... /digs out heel collection

Snidel's take on this trend is slightly different.

They put a fishtail frilly hem on the chiffon outer piece of the dress. Loving the peachy pink they have for this style. Reminds me of the polish I have on the post before!
You can also purchase this dress here !

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