Decisions decisions...

By Kristine Lam - April 04, 2012

There's been all these raving reviews on the Clarisonic Mia that's been tempting me to try it out...
But the price tag is pretty steep for a essentially a cleansing brush :\

My skin isn't all that problematic but theres pores around my nose area is bugging me. Occasional breakouts on my forehead (usually around that time of the month) too.

But man this thing comes with a tag of $119+tax!
 There's some mixed reviews but generally very positive..looking at possible alternatives.
But the price difference makes me iffy about things too :\
The Spa Sonic kit comes by at $65.00 USD @ Target
Reviews are not bad for that kit as well.

AHhhhhHh what do?!

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  1. Invest if you have the cash! If not I heard that a cleansing pad or one of the silicone ones work well enough :)

    1. cleansing pads haven't worked out too well for me in the past because of the products in the pads themselves :\
      i have a silicone one but it's wayyyy too harsh :'(

  2. same as what shoppaholic banana said,if u ever go to HK or any asian place i'm sure they have it..and! they're way cheaper than this- also heard that it's on par with the clarisonic too!

    1. leaving for hk/korea in 2 weeks actually! going to go hunt for something like that there :D

  3. I'm in the same problem as you! >< The clarasonic is sooo pricey, I have one of those plastic jelly pads, which I think is quite good enough but I'm sooo curious about the clarasonic especially due to the raving reviews!

    1. the jelly pads don't seem to do much for me :( which one are u using/where did u get it :O?