A donut a day keeps the doctor away

By Kristine Lam - April 09, 2012

End of semester wrap is coming slowly to an end...got some time for a breather a few days ago in the sunny weather!

Ventured out to Steveston Village and it was absolutely packed ;3; .. took us around 15 mins driving around to find a spot.

I forgot my camera that day...so no purdy photos of the nice weather. I was actually in a pretty crappy mood that day before coming here D:

But we can always fix that with...SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETS !!

Saw a friend post a photo of mini donuts from Outpost Mini Donut Co. earlier and was dying to try them myself :3
They're a small store across from where you can get the famous frozen yogurt, on the side of the little hill. Address you should google: 12240 2 Avenue, Richmond, BC V7E 3L8
Their regular mini donut flavours go from chocolate + sprinkles, maple sugar etc etc ... but when I got there maple sugar was already sold out :( 
They also have special spring flavours like strawberry, lemon and something else I can't remember.

They're a bit pricey compared to timbits .___.'' ... I think something like $6 for 1 dozen? But it was yummy nonetheless!

Don't forget Trinity Style's Giveaway - enter here to win an item of your choice from the store

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