By Kristine Lam - May 12, 2012

It's been two weeks after I got to Hong Kong and I'm sincerely sorry for not posting at all...
Reason being that I've gotten horribly sick during the first 2 weeks of my arrival -____-''
A regular flu then transformed into a stomach flu knocked me out completely :'(

On a happier note........new camera has been bought and lots of purdy photos will be coming to the blog (possibly videos?)

After being able to get on my feet again...first shopping stop was made at Sasa + Colourmix! Because of a lack of space in where I'm staying, I had to throw everything into my suitcase(s) first, so no photos of what I bought. All I can say is...I splurged on facial masks and eyelashes .____. heheh.

Onto the main content of today's post...the facial mask that a lot of bloggers have been raving about - Leaders!

I bought quite a few, but decided to try the teatree relaxing one first because the change in environment and air quality has been giving my skin a hard time here.

The mask claims to reduce blemishes and refine pores. It also claims to control the oil secretion of your skin. The mask is best suited for Oily/combination skin. I have dry-combination skin and it gave me no problems.

Here's my creepy face and the thing I love about this mask...it fits really nice to your skin and is surprisingly "transparent"! The sheet is really thin but holds a lot of serum. Not sure if the photo does a very good job at showing this but I assure you that you can see your skin clearly beneath it :O

Effects: 5/5

My skin did feel very refreshed after using this mask. The blemishes on my forehead seemed to have died down a bit (uncomplicated ones though). No negative reactions from my sensitive skin :)

Price: 4/5

In comparison to MBD and other masks..this one is slightly pricey at $17.90 HKD (Approx $2.30 CAD) but definitely worth every penny.

Packaging: 5/5

Simple and clean (Y)

Now that I've gotten a review out of the way...here's some delicious food

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