[REVIEW] 30Days Natural Circle Brown Circle Lenses

By Kristine Lam - May 24, 2012

30Days Natural Circle Brown

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 55%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Type: 1 month disposal

I ordered 3 pairs of the 30Days lenses from PinkyParadise before taking off to Hong Kong. I didn't really get a chance to wear any contacts in Hong Kong because I was really lazy to put them on :p
Plus the dusty and air conditioned environment wasn't ideal for my eyes in the first place so...I've put off reviewing these for a while!

Being monthly disposable lenses, they claim to be more comfortable than your usual circle lenses (yearly disposable). I've tried the Hana 30 days from Pinky Paradise before and they were quite wonderful so I decided to give these a try too!

Enhancement/Design: 4.5/5

These blend in pretty well with my natural eye colour. However, even though these are 14.5mm, the design does not fill up to the edge of the lenses. So the enlargement effect isn't too obvious but I'm fine with that as these are meant to be worn on a daily basis (natural look :D)

Natural Light
Comfort: ?/5
I was expecting these to be very comfortable since they are monthly disposable...which they were...for my left eye only :( ? I'm pretty sure I had both of them put on the right way, but I had very severe sliding issues on my right eye. My left eye felt like there was nothing in it but the other didn't feel all that great :\ ... I'll have to give these another try to make sure it's not just something on the lenses. No rating for this yet!  

Price: 5/5
These go for $11.90 USD (without shipping) and aren't that much more expensive compared to yearly lenses ($20 USD+). But this is because I change even my yearly lenses really quickly (usually every 2 months) ~ so yearly and monthly doesn't make a big difference to me cost wise...hah :p

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