[REVIEW] Biore Pore Strips - Black + More fud!

By Kristine Lam - May 13, 2012

Getting back on track with posts!

I've been using St Clare's sebum treatment package for quite a while now. But I didn't bring it back with me so I resorted to some pore strips.

Picked up a package of Biore's pore strips from Manning for $19.00 HKD (~$2.00 CDN)
They also had a white version of this for $25.00 HKD. I don't know what the difference is..as everything on the packaging is the same (content wise) but I opted for the cheaper one anyway :p

I was never a fan of pore strips since I was disappointed from Kose's. However, I've been hearing from a lot of people that Biore's are able to pull out a lot of gunk so I gave it a go.

Apologize in advance for a blurry photo ... I was exhausted that day :[

To save everyone from being disgusted..I didn't take a photo of everything it pulled out :p
It did pull out a fair amount of white heads + peach fuzz on my nose but it wasn't amazing. I think it would make a big difference if I had used a sebum softener before hand.

Price - 5/5, ~$2.00 CDN for 10 pieces
Effectiveness - 4/5, would be better if paired with a softener prior to usage
Packaging - 5/5


Now........more salivating photos for everyone...........

Cheap delicious japanese food @ Yuen Long :D

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