[REVIEW] Eyeliner comparison: Dolly Wink, Kiss Me, Kate Quick Liner

By Kristine Lam - May 27, 2012

It's been quite a while since I've used liquid eyeliners after my friend introduced me to gel liners last year :O
I've actually used liquid liners most of the time but didn't like how they tend to "fade" after using eyelash curlers and having to re-do it (and this is with waterproof ones too :\ !!!)

I finally picked up a Dolly Wink liner a few weeks ago. Most people have probably used this liner or read about it somewhere...because of the brand and absolutely adorable packaging *3*

I prefer natural looks so a really thin tip is a must for me! The dolly wink liner has a perfect tip for this.

Before trying dolly wink out, I've used the infamous kiss me liner and Kate's quick eyeliner (WHICH IS TERRIBLE AND I'M ABOUT TO SHOW YOU .____.)

The Kate liner is really thick and runny...it's almost watery and I hate it so much :( It's just been sitting around in my bag of make up...

From bottom to top: Kate, Kiss Me, Dolly Wink
The Kate liner just...self-expands as soon as you put it on. The tip is very soft and the product is water-based which probably explains why it's so runny! 

The Kiss Me and Dolly Wink are quite similar. Both give good percision and the consistency is just right.

Dolly Wink ~ $13.50 CAD (Sasa)
Kiss Me ~$11.30 CAD (Sasa)
Kate ~$8.00 CAD (eBay)

Dolly Wink is slightly more expensive than Kiss Me but I would fork out the extra 2 bucks just for the cute packaging..hehehe =w=

Dolly Wink ~ 5/5

Kiss Me ~ 5/5
Kate ~ 1/5; just a big no no for me: thick and watery :'(

Both DW and KM do a very good job and are my favourite liquid liners up to date :D

And for packaging, needless for me to say Dolly Wink wins all!
Lastly, selca to end the post :)
(Used the Dolly Wink in this photo, although its probably not very visible ;;)

Thanks for reading :D !

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  1. thanks for the review
    i always wanted to try a Japanese liquid eyeliner now i know to either look for kiss me or dolly wink and say no to kate :)


  2. could you provide the link for the kate eyeliner on ebay? its so cheap only $8!
    kate is also very nice one, i usually got these japanese products from beautemart.ca