[REVIEW] Fairydrops Platinum Waterproof Mascara

By Kristine Lam - May 24, 2012

プラチナムマスカラ ウォーターブルーフ
Being very picky about my mascara...I've FINALLY found a new favourite after the colossal volume from Maybelline and Majolica Majorca series!

I saw this mascara for the first time at Sephora and had no idea it was from Japan. I was tempted to give it a try but it was quite pricey at $24.00 + tax.

So I waited it out and managed to finally get my hands on one from Colormix in Hong Kong for around $120 HKD (~$16.00 CDN)

The brush is an odd one...in "drop" shapes and slightly curved (hence the name Fairydrops :p?). There are little fibers attached to lengthen and volumize your natural lashes like the dejavu fiber wig mascara. At first I wasn't too sure how the brush was supposed to work. Surprisingly, the brush does a good job at picking up all the tiny little lashes which you often miss with regular brushes. I flip the brush upside down (curve side facing downward) for my bottom lashes. It helps prevent

And the result...

Looooooooooong looooong lashes ~ this effect was achieved with 2 thorough coats :D
This mascara does not clump as long as you do not over apply. The fibers help with this. This mascara also claims to have serum inside to promote healthy lash growth, but I'm not too sure about this yet :p

Oh and this is also a water proof mascara, so you need to remove this with eye makeup remover :)
It comes off quite easily when I use my Lancome bi-ficil remover. It takes a bit more work with evoo but still do-able.

Price: 3/5, can be pricey if you aren't buying this in Asia. Online retailers have it for $18-25+ (and you might have to account for shipping fees as well)
Effect: 5/5
Packaging: 5/5

Would definitely re-purchase in the future :D

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  1. I really want to give this a try! Thanks for the review! :D

  2. yep this one's pretty good i bought from an online store works GREAT !! =D