Summer is near...finally!

By Kristine Lam - May 29, 2012

Beautiful weather a few days ago ~ so I pulled out my maxi and wedge sandals for a stroll at minoru park with le bf and a trip to EB games to prepare to get my nerd on ... :3

BUNNEHHHHSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS =w= ... one of the reasons why I love minoru ...

Decided to grab some sushi for dinner @ Tokyo Joe on ackroyd :D
The rolls are HUGE and very delicious ~ above are the crazy roll and fire dynamite roll yumsssss

And as for what I bought at EB games...

I waited almost 2 months for a used copy..but they still don't have anyone letting go of theirs
I guess that proves how good the game is ?!?!? ... But I didn't want to wait any longer so I just went ahead and bought a new copy heheh =w=''
This will be what I will spend my summer vacation doing (a majority of the time anyway) ek ek ek..

Btw, just got back into the instagram trend ~ follow me @kiyoko :D

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