eBay purchase - soak off gel polish

By Kristine Lam - June 29, 2012

Mr mail man finally showed up with my package from eBay today! I ordered 4 bottles of soak off polish early in June and shipping took almost a month to get to me :(
At least it did get to me safely in the end!

Nicely bubble wrapped

I've bought this brand of soak offs before and haven't had a problem with their quality. Some people complain that they have a "rubber" smell. But after you cure them completely, the smell is barely noticeable and fades completely within a day or two. It also helps to cover it with a nice gel top coat too.

These are from the eBay seller ms.agent with plenty of positive feedback :)
Priced at $3.68 CAD/bottle with FREE international shipping.

The colors I bought were: P102, P014, P030 and P004 (which seemed to be mislabeled!)
The P004 is supposed to be a baby blue color

HOWEVER, the color that came instead was a surprisingly nice mint instead! This looks like the P012 on their chart instead. I've contacted the seller and I'm waiting for a reply ~ I don't mind this color either actually though :p

Other than this switch up here, all the other colors were pretty true to their image on eBay.


The photo doesn't really do justice for the baby pink on the very left (P014) ~ it's much more vibrant in person than in the image here. Loving the nude color too!

Can't wait to try them on :D

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Did you buy base and top coat from ebay too?
    I bought another cheap brand.. but the gel peels off my nails after 2 days..
    I wonder if it is bad quality or I am doing something wrong?!?...
    The colors were much brighter for me also !

    1. Hello there
      Totally didn't get notified about this comment!
      I am using a base+top coat from Nailene. You can grab one from local drug stores usually in the states!

  3. Loved this post! Makes me super excited to try soak off gel polish, because I have done uv gel and acrylic extensions to allow my natural nails to grow long underneath, but when I remove the normal uv gel I have to file it off and I just keep damaging my nails or losing the growth! So this seems like the perfect way to help grow and protect my nails whilst still being able to remove it without ripping my nail growth or damaging ^^~ I've also bought from msagent before, but I didn't know they sold this gel polish!

    1. Thank you! I used to have really fragile nails so I always had to do gel manicures or they would break and chip super easily!
      Soak off nail polish is really convenient <3 Give it a go!