Experimenting with...WIGS

By Kristine Lam - June 24, 2012

Short curly bobs are so cute but I'd cry to cut my hair that short :(
So wigs are the way to go! Wigs are getting more and more popular these days. Before, most people would probably be like..WHAT YOU'RE WEARING A WIG? DO YOU HAVE HAIR LOSS PROBLEMS?


Fortunately, that's not the case anymore. A lot of korean stars sport wigs in dramas and movies too! And because the demand for wigs are higher, more companies are starting to make them at affordable prices + good quality!

I got this from the infamous Taobao for around $20 CAD after shipping. The quality is pretty decent and I would actually be able to wear this out without being too obvious :D

I always prefer to wear some sort of hair accessory with wigs. It makes everything look more realistic because its usually the top of the head that gives it away. 

If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to provide the link to the tb store for you!
And lastly, this floral print dress is one of my new favourite go-to outfits :D
Love the zipper detail!

Purchase this @ Trinity Styles here
 And if you read all the way down here...psstttt get 15% off this dress with the discount code: CL62412 ;)

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