Murua Temporary Tattoos

If you follow me on instagram, you'd probably remember about these Murua tattoos I uploaded a little while ago.

Get the necklace here!
Sadly, the horrible summer weather in Vancouver has kept me wrapped up in long sleeves and cardigans so I didn't want to waste any of the tatts :(
It was warmer in the last few days so I put one on after shooting a gazillion product photos for my store (taking advantage of the studio lighting :p)

These are replicas from tb which costed around $4.00 CAD + shipping. Theres a lot of sticky residue after you apply it and they rub off easily so that was bleh. The designs however are all very pretty! I would actually consider getting the "love" one I put on the photo for real :D

The authentic ones costs around $50 CAD and that's just for TEMPORARY tattoos :\ ... I just couldn't bring myself to buy them after I bought the Chanel tattoos last year.

If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll be happy to link to where you can get these!

Kristine Lam


  1. these are cutee !! i'm really interested in where you got these !

  2. Here you go :)

  3. How can you get shipping to Canada from Tao Bao??

    1. They don't ship directly to Canada - you have to use a third party service to buy from tb. Some I've heard of are panli. I've had horrible experiences with middleman services though :( .. I should blog about this too

  4. hi,
    U can purchase the item from here>>>>

    any inquiry just pm at the page message box~