Mini Daiso Haul

By Kristine Lam - June 04, 2012

I can never come out empty handed from visiting Daiso ;__________; /is an easy customer
I was pleasantly surprised that my local Daiso FINALLY stocked up on the make up tool cleaner that many asian bloggers have been talking about.

I've been using Sephora's daily brush cleaner but wanted to try a cheaper alternative for deep cleaning. Can't wait to try this out :D

Saw a guru on youtube using the foundation sponges from Daiso the other day...I usually just use my palm/fingers for my few dabs of bb cream. But when I want full on coverage I think sponges are still a better idea :3

And nail foils!!! The ones at local drug stores/Sephora are sooooo pricey ($9-15 +tax) while Daiso has them for $2.25 ~ never tried using these nail stickers so I might be noob at applying them .___. heh.

Lastly the aloe vera double eyelid glue - I use this to fix my uneven eyelids once in a while. My old one has been sitting around for quite a bit so I got a replacement. I wouldn't recommend it for actually creating double eyelids though. Its very visible and "crack" very easily; specially if you want to apply make-up.
I only apply it when I wake up for around 15-30 minutes so that my crease can "re-adjust" itself then I wash it off :p

Detailed post on these soon!

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  1. I love Daiso! I live in Tasmania, and we don't have one here, but I get super excited if I go to Melbourne so I can go there!! The first time I went I was so overwhelmed by all the items, I actually had to physically leave the store and sit down to get calm again!! It was horrible because I only had $50 for my entire Melbourne trip, for everything from transport to food, so I could only spend about $5 which was torture ;A;

    1. Awww :'( but now you know to bring more cash next time! Hehe :D