[REVIEW] Dollywink Otona Lashes 11 Pure Sweet

By Kristine Lam - June 14, 2012

Since it was my birthday yesterday, I decided to open my dollywink lashes for the special occassion!
I bought them at Colormix in Hong Kong for $105 HKD (~$13.50 CAD) in style 11 Pure Sweet -v-
I didn't try the dollywink glue yet as I'm used to using my D.U.P instead. Even the glue is cute arkeafsdf - I'm keeping that in my make up pouch for my bag (incase any fix-ups are needd during the day)

Cute packaging as expected!

These look extremely natural when worn. It actually looks like they’re part of my own lashes. They’re not too long and just right for day-time make up. You can’t feel these lashes at all - super light!

They look best from the side - most natural pair of lashes I’ve tried D:

My right eye is just reflecting because of the lighting in my room D:

My most honest opinion about these would be…yes they’re really nice but a bit over priced! For $13.50 (this is already cheaper because I got them in HK), I would be able to get at least 5 pairs of decent quality lashes. If you’re getting them online from say eBay or Sasa it would be around $17-19 :S

AK lashes have similar quality and effect and I would definitely go for those instead in the future. But I had to get these just for the sake of trying and because I was in HK :p

Price - 3.5/5
Effect - 5/5 - gorgeous natural lashes :D
Repurchase? Probably only if I stumble upon them on sale or if I’m in Asia again!

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