[REVIEW] Neo Queen 4 Tone Brown

By Kristine Lam - June 04, 2012

I got these for soooooooo long and didn't get to open them until recently :3
Been searching for a pair of light brown lenses and had such a hard time deciding between this and queen hazel/glamour brown from Neo ;___; they all looked really pretty...

These didn't disappoint me - they really lightened up my eyes and looks pretty natural without the harsh black ring. The "fuzzy edges" of the lenses are the key here :D

Design/Enlargement: 5/5

At 14.2mm, these give a natural enlargement effect - nothing too dramatic but just gives your eyes a little boost of energy :3

I love the colour and design of these lenses as the fuzzy edges really blend nicely.

Comfort: 5/5

I've always loved neo lenses because they're super comfortable for me :D
But I never wear circle lenses for over 6 hours (usually...) so I don't know how these are for long hours.

Looking to try the same series in hazel next time ~ !

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