[REVIEW] Pandora's MakeUp Box Lipstick + Glossybox May 2012

By Kristine Lam - June 01, 2012

I just found out about Glossybox not too long ago. It's a subscription program where you get 5 beauty product samples for $15 CAD/month. The price includes tax and free shipping :D

You can't select and choose exactly what items you get, but you are asked to fill out a detailed survey about your skin type and what kind of products you wish to try (hair, skin care, make up etc)

I finally got my first package today :D

Blurbed out my address :B

Everything is packed really nicely!

Though I didn't ask to sample hair products, I got a full size shampoo in my box anyhow :\ and I'm pretty sure I checked out having thick hair so I don't know why they gave me a volumizing shampoo...

Pandora's Lipstick

Curel Foot Cream

Shampoo in full size!
Cleanser + eye make-up remover
Opened the lipstick first to take a look at the shade..and it turned out to be something I would wear which got me all excited :D ... so I tried it out!
The shade is called Sunshine. It's a bright coral shade thats great for the summer!

The lipstick is pretty well pigmented. But I think the formula is a bit dry and wouldn't do so well on its own. I had lipbalm on prior to applying it so it was alright :)
Retailing at $16.00 CAD - I find it a bit pricey but overall it's a nice addition to my noob collection of lip colour :p

More posts on the other products soon!

If you're interested in subscribing to Glossybox - click the image below!


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