[REVIEW] Shiseido Tsubaki Water - Damage Care

By Kristine Lam - June 05, 2012

I've been using the tsubaki damage care shampoo line for quite a while now and been loving it :D
It really makes a big difference for my severely heat damaged hair (I straighten it every day). I picked this tsubaki water spray at Watsons during my vacation in Hong Kong.

They had the same product in the form of a mist shown in the photo below:

I honestly can't remember how much it was because I just bought it out of boredom while waiting for a friend at the MTR station :p

It seems to go for around $19.99 online (250ml large mist version). I believe mine was around $80 HKD (~$12 CAD or so and 70ml portable version)

They say to use it after you wash your hair and before bed time as a leave in treatment. It can be used on both damp and dry hair. I usually use it on my towel dried hair after I shower and then continue to blow dry to seal the treatment in. I don't like applying leave in treatments before bed though because I always think that residue is going to get on my pillow .____. and then cause skin problems...

Sometimes I apply it before using my straightener as a protectant/treatment that way too.

First impression - smells great! Same lovely smell as their shampoo. It really does a good job at taming the frizzy ends of my hair too. Leaves my hair looking a lot healthier :3

Price - 4/5, $19.99 for a bottle is alright!
Effectiveness - 5/5, does exactly what it claims to do!
Availability - Asian drugstores, T&T should have it as well, and of course online :)

I would repurchase this again when I'm done with my current bottle!

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