[REVIEW] Simple Eye Make-Up Remover

By Kristine Lam - June 03, 2012

Kind To Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover

I got a sample size of the Simple Eye Make-Up Remover from the May Glossybox package. It is a water based eye make-up remover that claims to be able to get off even waterproof mascara while being gentle to your skin.
Our special blend of Simple cleansing goodness containing Pro-Vitamin B5, helps to gently remove even waterproof mascara. NO OIL
NON GREASY no residue
NO UNNECESSARY INGREDIENTS so it won't upset your skin
Dermatologically tested and Approved

I was eager to test this out but was very disappointed in the end :'(
I usually only wear mascara out and was hoping this would be able to replace using my lancome bi-facil every day (it's pricey D:) ... so I tried this on my mascara only day. I had the Fairydrops waterproof mascara on.

And this is the result after having the cotton pad over my lids for around 30-45 seconds + a bit of wiping ... close to NOTHING! Usually the bi-facil would have most of it off after 30 seconds + a gentle swipe but this does pretty much nothing :\ ... It was really just like wiping cotton pad soaked in water

Overal - The verdict is clear that this was a big no-no for me.This product needs a lot of rub and tug in order for it to remove all your make up (it seems :S)

Next up - their refreshing facial wash gel!

Wash gel on the right
Now I liked their wash gel a lot better than their eye make up remover! 
However, I must say from the beginning that it is a very, very gentle cleanser and cannot be used to remove heavy make up. I do not wear any foundation and the amount of BB cream I use is very minimal so this worked well for me. 

Our special blend of Simple cleansing goodness containing Pro-Vitamin B5, helps to soften and gently cleanse the skin.

NO UNNECESSARY INGREDIENTS so it won't upset your skin
Dermatologically Tested and Approved

The thing I liked most about this cleanser is that you only need to use a pea sized amount for your entire face. It's a thick gel texture which lathers up quite easily. It did not irritate my sensitive skin and did not leave it feeling tight either. I wouldn't say it leaves your skin feeling really "refreshed" either. It's just "okay". No wow factor, just a very typical drugstore cleanser. Not something I would purchase again after using.

Overall - The wash gel is only good for those that wear very minimal make up or none at all. The price ($9.99/50ml) is a slightly high for a product of this quality.

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  1. Omg I hatedddd this product as well! You should try their cleansing wipes...they are a LOT better!

    1. really D:?! this was such a big let down :\
      i haven't actually seen any of their products for sale here in vancouver though!