Back to school clean up!

By Kristine Lam - July 03, 2012

Summer semester started today but I did get around to doing some major room cleaning a few days ago.

My make-up section was piling up with lots of gunk .____.''
Image heavy post!

Lots of medication for my face actually .____. ... then theres the endless bottles and etc etc. The box organizer is so useful (even though they're less than organized here LOLOL) I pulled a box out from another set to hold my brushes and frequently used eye make up :D
Really great to have around. I have another set to put all my gel nail equipment and brushes.

You can get these organizers from eBay for around $6-13 CAD depending on which seller.
Here's a few:

This was only a part of the chaos I cleaned up .___. Oh and yes I finally got around to deep cleaning my brushes with the daiso sponge/brush detergent as well!

Back to you again!

My mac angled brush is always the filthiest looking just because it has white bristles haha -_- and because I use it for blush/contouring.

I added a blob of detergent into a bit of water and gently dipped my brushes in there. You can also "brush" it on the palm of your hand to help remove residue while it's wet. Be sure to rinse thoroughly with the brush angled downwards so water doesn't get into the canal of the brush. (Is that the right word? @@)

Nasty brown water from my kabuki .___.

And a thing I noticed about this detergent is that it doesn't remove cream blush off puffs very well. If you can see in the photo below, the mini puff I use for my Canmake cream blush is still stained. I already scrubbed it for a SUPER long time with added detergent and it still won't budge. That's the best I could get it to be :(

See how clean my mac brush is :D?!

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  1. I use baby shampoo and i personally think it works pretty well =]

    1. Olive oil works for persistant residue too :D