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By Kristine Lam - July 07, 2012

Feels like I haven't updated in forever!
Been pretty tied up with school starting and work.

Due to a lot of requests...I ended up modelling a bunch of clothes for the store.
Here's a few favourite shots/items from some of the new arrivals.
ANDDDD I haven't gotten around to updating the site links will be updated for items shortly...or you can get them directly from facebook for now :)

These were all shot with 1 gigantic softbox to the left ish. I wish I had strobes for more interesting set ups :'(

Hat -
Dress -

The hat is so adorable <3
Perfect for the warm sunny week we're finally getting!

Bag -

This entire outfit gives me the f(x) feel - maybe cause of the unicorn on their album cover HAHA ._.
The top is chiffon on the front and modal cotton on the back ~ love the texture!

Course I had to add a hipster sepia filter to this :p
The mcqueen style clutch is a lot nicer than I'd expected! Perfect for a night out or some fancy event. The top is also a keeper for myself. It's chiffon on the back so super sheer - gotta wear a bandeau or tank top inside (or you can choose not to...)

Last photo for ths post - this dress has been very popular in both black and blue. More so the blue. I personally prefer the black. The quality is great for it's price. The hem is everyone's favourite asymmetrical cut. The poofed chest area gives you a bit of a boost too..heh heh heh ;3;

I'll be updating with links to the site asap and probably a discount code /wink wink ;D

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