Fresh air!

By Kristine Lam - July 08, 2012

Been such a workaholic lately and school also started this week .______.
Got a chance to go out for a breather today ~ vroom vroom off to Coquitlam for a gathering!

This is not my room, obviously :p
It's FINALLY hot enough to wear my summer haul from Hong Kong .___.
This one piece dress is from Snidel (available for purchase here) and it's actually not as short as it looks. I wore safety shorts inside regardless because I tend to be a careless person..heh heh and le bf may complain otherwise :3

And if you've been following me on tumblr or instagram, you may notice I'm a huge marc jacobs fan! This necklace is perfect! It's a copy of the MJ perfume necklace - this one has nothing inside but is just a normal locket. It's really cute to pair with almost everything. This is also available on my store but it has yet to be put on the site...again please make way to facebook for purchases now!

Mandatory selca :D

Arm candy is everywhere lately and I've joined in the stacking fun myself :p 
Theres the mcqueen bangle I've been recommending to almost everyone I know, hermes bangle + a bunch of rhinestone bracelets. Rose gold accessories are also a fave of mine lately <3

Then there's the FOOOOOOOOOOD! The weather today was perfect for a barbeque. It was even hot up the mountain!

Huge jalepenos .......... that a lot of people just ate raw ............. yup.
Face unchanged too.

Moarrrrrrrrrr foooooooooooood! We had korean style bbq meat wrapped with "sang-chu" (???) oh my very limited korean hahaha :p

What you're looking at here is a bear scratch mark on an apple tree :| ... bears are quite common in coquitlam and that is also why I would never move there LOLOL. They just roll around your backyards like a boss and push over your fruit trees nom nom nom :|

Tooooooooooo tired to blog anymore!

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