[REVIEW] Geo Mari Gold Brown Circle Lenses

By Kristine Lam - July 24, 2012

I'm backkkkk with a review! I ordered the geo mari gold lenses as soon as they came out but haven't gotten to wearing them until a few days ago. I actually got off my habit of circle lenses for quite a while.

These lenses are supposed to give your eyes a sparkly effect because they have shiny gold specks in the design.

I got mine from eyecandylens.com

I noticed these have a slightly higher water content than most of Geo's other lenses at 42%
Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.6

Duration: 1 year disposable (icky still :\)

Design: 5/5

The photo was shot under normal daylight and you can already see the gold specks in the lenses :D
I love this design! It gives it your eyes a little more "umph" on top of just the regular circle rim most lenses have. It's not too obvious from a far though. I would say that you can wear these lenses without much make up - but it does have quite a thick outer rim for a dolly effect so wearing these with makeup would be best :)

Oh and I'm also wearing dolly wink lashes #9 here :D

Here's a clearer photo - but sorry about the huge window catch light in my eye hahaha .___.

Comfort: 5/5

These lenses were good for around 5-6 hours without any irritation. I usually don't wear any circle lenses for more than 6 hours because my eyes get dried out easily :'(

And lastly here's my distorted head because I was too lazy to take off my wide angle lens ;3;
I'm actually super exhausted and this is kinda a short post because I've been shooting for 4 hrs today in the studio /flops over

Here's one of the test shots while I was adjusting the strobes

That is all for now ~

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  1. Hi dear :)
    Just found your blog today and I love it, you're super cute and pretty! Needless to say, I'm a new follower~~

    1. <3
      thank you :3 ~ just popped by your blog and i love your layout!

  2. So pretty! I love the little sparkle on the lens design! Looks natural yet brightens your eyes nicely!

    1. yeah! i prefer the subtle effect over crazy designs :D

  3. I like that circle lenses! I think I am going to order it!

    1. pics pics pics!
      i love these <3

  4. You are gorgeous and looking great with these lenses,, loved it.

  5. WOW
    I want them T_T
    Are you interested in winning a free pair of lenses~?
    If you are, join my giveaway!

    1. Yea exactly what got me to buy them in the first place ;D!

  6. Those lenses looks really pretty and it suits you so well!
    tbh the first thing I noticed wasn't the circle lenses.. lol I love your hair and hair color! :D what color is that? so pretty!


    1. Thank you :3 ! My hair color was done at a salon - it's a medium brown tone :D

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