[REVIEW] Love Alpha Eyeshadow Gel

By Kristine Lam - July 09, 2012

I've been putting off this review forever. Mostly because I had to keep this a secret - bought one for my friend's birthday :D
Warning super pic heavy post!

If you're familiar with Jill Stuart products, you'll know about their pretty gel eyeshadow pots! These from Love Alpha are some what imitations.

Aren't the pots cute -v- ... I was totally sold as soon as I saw the packaging.

I bought it in the shades canary bright (the gold) and light green bright. You can get these from kkcenterhk. They're a Hong Kong based make up wholesale distributor. It's a really funny texture - kinda like gooey jello.

I've only got photos of them swatched on my hand. And man the gel pots are the hardest thing to photograph EVER.

They look the same in the swatch :\ ... but both super glittery! The top is the green glitter and the bottom is the gold. I use this usually in the middle of my lid to highlight. You can also use this to highlight the corners of your eyes instead of using glittery liner. It stays on pretty well too!

I also got their gel liner in black as well.

The little brush that comes with it works pretty well actually. I haven't really tried out the liner much besides swatching it on my hand. It glides on pretty well. Need to really use it to see if it smudges and what not!

The gel eyeshadows go for $3.71 USD each and the gel liner is $4.38 USD - great prices for pretty decent quality! I think shipping to Canada is around $7.

This isn't a sponsored review and everything has been purchased on my own :)

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  1. Hi, it's been a while since you posted this, how do you like the eyeliner so far?...Does it smudge? Or has it started to look like it's going to dry in the jar? I'm interested because this is the only cream eyeliner I could find in my country, except for e.l.f. I had an e.l.f. one and it started to shrink after a couple of months and it dried out.

  2. I haven't actually used much of the eyeliner ~ but its still in very decent shape :O