[REVIEW] Shiseido Cleansing Massage Brush

By Kristine Lam - July 27, 2012

I was just about to buy the clarisonia mia 2 the other day from Sephora but decided to grab a manual brush last minute. I quickly looked up some reviews on Sephora and was aiming to get their own double sided cleansing brush. They had the shiseido one online but none in store :( ... and guess what, the sephora one was actually out of stock at the store I went to as well!

I REALLY wanted a cleansing brush and I was set on getting one that day - so I went to the Shiseido counter instead and they had theirs instock!

The brush itself was $26 + tax (around $29 after)

It has 5 little silicone massagers in the center of the brush. The bristles are super soft and great for every day use. With that being said, it doesn't give you a very deep exfoliation. I must say, I wasn't really expecting much. But as soon as I used it for the first time - SDFASLDFASDFSDFASDF

I was pretty amazed at how soft my skin felt! Not only does it make my skin super soft but the brush gave my skin a healthy glow after wash.
Another good thing is that you only need a really small amount of cleanser and the brush will lather it up really well. It also removed some flaky dead skin off my t-zone + didn't feel dry afterwards :3

So far so good! I will probably be using this once a day (tempted to use it twice =v=) ... I've been a bit obsessed and used it twice today heh heh

And if you follow me on tumblr, you'd probably have seen me post.............

My friend picked this up for in the states for $55 after tax. I've been wanting this palette forever and finally forked out the money to buy it.

Haven't swatched or tried it out yet though - been lazy to do any make up for the last 2 days =__=
Will be back with a post on this soooooooooon!

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  1. Great review. So should I get this one instead of Clarisonic Mia? I just bought a Clarisonic dupe and will send it back as it reddened my skin and hurt like hell.

    Do you still use this brush? Please let me know! P.S. Lovely blog!


    1. Yes! I do use this in between days of using my clarisonic. This is much gentler and cleanses just as well :)