What's up lately...

By Kristine Lam - July 14, 2012

Mannnnnnnn I've been so busy lately it's not even funny :(
The studio course I'm taking in the summer has a bigger workload that I expected. I shot my first assignment pretty early though and it went relatively well!

And this was the inspiration photo from I got moko

My model is prettier of course ek ek ek <3
My friend did her own make up and I worked on the hair ~ close enough on the hair part. It was hairspray and ruffling madness .___.
The lighting set up was super easy - partly why I chose this photo ahahahaha .. first assignment let's take it easy right.

Gotta do a bit more touch up before printing a proof for crits.

Enough work related stuff - took a day off (kinda) to head off to english bay in the lovely weather today!

Such a tourist photo :p but the focal point is actually the snidel maxi dress I've been dying to wear FOREVER - thank goodness the warm weather is finally here <3

Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely sunny weather in the weekend!

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