Fashion Photoshoot!

By Kristine Lam - August 10, 2012

Final assignment for my summer course at ECU is a studio shoot of anything I wanted (finally!)
I'm not sure exactly what the word for the theme is............bold bright colors + high contrast + funky accessories?
And my sexy purdy model was fantastic <3

Everything worn is either from my store or was at some point. If it's still available now I will link to the item :D
Headband - n/a
Collar - was sold last year on trinitystyles

Top - mine ~ by moussy I believe
Headband - not on the site yet but you can order off facebook here

Everything else is model's/mine

Lots of work but it was fun as well :)

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  1. the galaxy cat tee is so cute! reminds me of nyan cat.

    1. i think the designer probably got the idea from it heh!