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By Kristine Lam - August 19, 2012

Now before I get started, I'm obviously not being paid by anyone to recommend these products to you :D Purely my own opinion.

If you're a nail junkie like me, you'll probably know how annoying it is to remove polish - specially if you change colors often! It's a waste of cotton pads :'(
This instant nail remover from Sephora works like a CHARM! You just stick your finger into the spongey insides and give it a twirl - voila ~ all your polish is off!

This does not work too well with sparkly polish though. I've tried this with 2 layers of OPI's teenage dream. It takes off all the "polish" but the sparkles remain.
I've heard theres drugstore brands that have similar products and I'd love to try it out because this one from Sephora is quite expensive :\
It was $11 CAD + tax for this one here. I'm not sure how many uses it will last either but I still love this nonetheless :D

Next up

From Hada Labo - their super hyaluronic acid moist essence EX!
I absolutely LOVE this serum! It's probably the best serum I've used so far. I prefer this even over the caudalie's vinoperfect serum ($79+tax .______.!!!)
I got this at Watsons in Hong Kong for something around $150 HKD (~$19 CAD). You can also get this on sasa for around the same price online.

This contains no fragrance, no alcohol and no oil so if you have sensitive skin this is the right product for you! You only need 1 pump per use. I use this in the morning and at night. The product absorbs very quickly and there is no sticky residue/feeling after :D

Skin feels super refreshed and soft after patting it in. Great to prep the skin for make up as well.

I've been using Kose's Medicated Sekkisei Lotion for almost 2.5 years now and I still love it! Now this has a very very strong alcohol smell which may be repulsive at first - HOWEVER - it does not irritate my super sensitive skin at all! Odd enough, it is supposed to be used as a kind of toner (before your regular moisturizer) but I use as my moisturizer instead and it works like a charm :D

When it is super dry (stupid Canadian winters :\) I do use this beneath my daily moisturizer as a boost.

I got an ask on tumblr asking why my skin is so pale and if I use any whitening products. If any at all, this is probably the only product that's supposed to provide whitening effects. I don't use it for that purpose so I don't really know if it works well  Other than this it's all lighting and photoshop :p

You can also get this on for $45 CAD (200ml)

Phew long post D:
Good job if you read all the way down here!

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  1. Ohh the instant nail polish remover is so cool! Really considering getting it. Agh, glitter/sparkly polishes are always a terror to remove.

    I think I have that Kose product too :)