[REVIEW] Melliesh Eyelashes 01 Doll

By Kristine Lam - August 17, 2012

Summer semester has finally ended and I'm back with a review :D!
I bought these melliesh lashes back in May during my trip to Hong Kong at Colormix. It was on sale from $90 HKD to only $40 (~$5 CAD for 2 pairs)!

Kinda regret not grabbing another box just because ._____.

Cute packaging as usual for japanese brands :3
These lashes are actually quite long. I was afraid of the "pokey" lash look so I put off using them for the longest time because I usually don't go out with dolly eye make up.

They looked surprisingly nice though :O 

Still a bit on the long side but I like them :D
These are also very light like the dolly wink lashes - feels like you're wearing nothing!

Overall: 4/5
Price - 3/5; at regular price they're around ~$12-14 CAD for a box so they're a bit pricey!
These lashes are nicely made and do not reflect/shine like cheap lashes do. They're very light. The design of this pair is easy to wear with simple make up (despite my initial pokey lash phobia) :D


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  1. These look really nice natural :)

  2. omg pretty lashes! those lashes suits you perfectly! :D