Trinity Styles - Personal Favourites August

By Kristine Lam - August 25, 2012

If you follow me on any social media platform (or my store), you'd probably have seen me post this collection over and over again because I'm so in love with them!

Earrings -

Bracelet -

Necklace -

This star collection from Chanel has been extremely popular this season. Sold over 30 pieces so far for the long necklace style. I get allergic reactions to alloys all the time but these are gold plated :D

Same goes to earrings! Lower grade alloys usually itch like crazy for me but these are absolutely fine. The top is something to mention too. I love off the shoulder tops and this one doesn't fall off :p
It's more of a tube top with sleeves (?!)

Also comes in pink (currently sold out) ~ both black/pink makes your skin look very white hurhur :3

It's actually starting to get a bit chilly in Vancouver in the mornings now :( ... and seeing all the fall fashion items starting to pop up really makes me miss wearing baggy sweaters!

This is my top item for the latest update for fall arrivals at Trinity Styles. I believe its from a big I.T brand so the quality is tip top guaranteed! The ripped details are so nice and I'm really looking forward to this one myself. It's currently up for pre-order

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