Double Eyelids - cont'd

By Kristine Lam - September 21, 2012

Gotten a few inquiries to what double eyelid products I've used/tried out ... and believe me I have probably tried everything except surgery LOL -_-

From glue to the regular tape...double sided tape...eyelid fibres...even using lash name it and I've probably tried it.

Before I get started, I have to say that I think I have pretty thick eyelids. By that I mean the skin above my eye is pretty thick which is why I have a slightly folded in crease (內雙). If you're like me, then fibres out right will not work too well - which is quite sad because it really is the most invisible out of all the options.

I'll be covering a variety of double eyelid tapes in this post.
I've gotten a severe allergic reaction to the very popular eyetalk glue in the past so I never touched it ever since :(

First up:
Double sided eyelid tape

These are a bit tricky to use. You usually have to trim these after applying. I personally don't really like them because once you look down your eyelids it's very obvious there's something pulling your lids together. You usually have to apply glue to hide the ends too :\

The crease these make are very deep and prominent so that's a plus. They are also very sticky.

I have two types here and I'll start with the bottom first. 
Like any double sided tape, you have to peel off the white cover. I like to peel it off first because I always end up peeling off the entire thing if I put it on first .___.

Here's how it looks after you take off the white cover.

It helps use a Y-stick to make sure the sticker "folds in".
Looks good front on right? :D
P.S I'm wearing the coco 30 day contact lenses here too!

But here's the icky part

Oh hi there tape. Now you can trim the extra floppy outer pieces off but you will still see the tape peeping out regardless.

The second type is a bit better. I got these from Sasa during my trip to Hong Kong.

Peel off the white chunk

Apply -> Cut off excess

I like the look of these a lot actually ~ the crease is wide.

You can see still a bit of the ends poking out, but you can use some lash/lid glue to help hide it a bit better.

Next up:
The most popular and easiest to use - eyelid tape (thin moon shape)

Again, I have two types here. The left side is the same thickness on both ends while the right side is thinner on 1 side than the front. I personally prefer the left side because I find them easier to work with. But because I already used that one in a previous post, I'll use the right side here :)

I used them on both eyes here for a more even result. These are my favourite! I don't have much eyeshadow or make up going on here but they are even less noticeable if you pat on some eyeshadow + a pair of falsies.

The down side to eyelid tapes is that they are still pretty noticeable most of the time once you look down. But there's a lot on the market that are pretty decent now!

If you're looking for an ever thicker and obvious crease, the half oval shape is best for the job.

These do make a very nice, super thick double eyelid BUT they are SUPER OBVIOUS as well .___. nothing is perfect.

You can see how tiny my other eye looks here...Orz....but this is the crease that almost everyone tries to get.

And hello hello tape :\ ... 

With heavier eye make-up, all the tapes will look less in your face. AND hopefully you don't have your head down all the time...

Everyone's eye shape is different and experimenting is the best way to figure out what works best for you!

Hope this helps in some way and good luck <3

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  1. where did you get the oval shaped tapes? o: and what kind of eye makeup would i need to do to try to minimize the obvious-ness of the tape?

    1. i think daiso has them. mine are from eBay :)
      i usually apply a brown shadow over the tape to help blend it in more. both matte and shimmer works!

  2. thanks for the demo, this was really helful, how often do you wear tape?

    1. i only use tape on special occassions/for photos :)
      normally the daiso glue will fix my crease in the morning then i can wash it off!

  3. the half crease is called "tapered"! n the full one is called parallel~ nice post :)

    1. RIGHT i knew there was a word for it hahaha thanks :D

  4. A huge round of applause, keep it up.

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