Drugstore spree!

By Kristine Lam - September 21, 2012

Been on a bit of a lipstick craze lately...! I got quite a few from last month's glossybox and I still wanted moarrrrrr
And after watching some drugstore favourite videos from a few youtubers I follow...I couldn't help myself hahahaha .___.

I really wanted a barbie pink shade + nude shade since I don't have any in my collection yet!

The Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar was from a mini eBay haul which I haven't even gotten to posting here yet. Bunny + lipstick=instant buy.

I got it in a nice coral shade (#06 juicy orange)

And this was recommended by StyleSuzi on youtube if anyone else follows her too 
I LOVE this! I was afraid that nude shades would make you look like you're dying but this one is just perfect! This is in the shade Nude Delight by Rimmel.

I didn't get around to photographing a swatch for all of them because I was eager to do a second double eyelid post...hence this post is just a bit of a preview :p

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  1. the bunny gloss bar is so cute!
    i love stylesuzi's video the rimmel lipstick is really natural colour :)