Quick Look - YSL Lipstick + China Glaze Polish

By Kristine Lam - September 08, 2012

Been a while but I'm back with a post :D
School started last week and things are a bit hectic since ALL my classes are at 8:30am .____.

I did make a trip to the states a week before school started though! Didn't buy much except a few polishes at Sally's Beauty Supplies. They sell gelish polishes there and I was quite excited!

I think this is a very popular colour (avalanche) :O
It's a bit difficult to apply though because the brush strokes become very visible.
Love the galaxy trend that's been going on lately ~ this goes so well with it.

And a few weeks back...I got my hands on a set of YSL lipsticks.

The design is quite neat ~ you twist the top to reveal the lipstick. There's two shades in 1 lipstick. One is a matte colour and the second has shimmer. You pull off the top and out comes a lip brush :D

Oh fancy fancy.

Looks a bit on the light side but don't be fooled!

I used both the matte pink + shimmer color together in the photo :)
Then I totally forgot about the other lipstick but its a light coral shade. I'll try to get around to trying those out soon too!

And I'll end this post with a product recommendation!
I posted about this collection before but I fell in love with these myself as soon as they arrived!

 Get it from trinitystyles here

I really love the design of this series. The Chanel logo has swarovski stars on it and the pearl beads are also natural crystals <3
Looks very elegant and not overwhelming. Goes so well with plain outfits! It also has matching earrings + necklaces + sweater chains. Of course I kept an entire set to myself :p

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