[REVIEW] Geo Coco 30 Brown (XBC-107) Circle Lens

By Kristine Lam - September 16, 2012

These are by far THE MOST COMFORTABLE circle lens I have ever worn. Unlike their usual yearly lenses, these are monthly disposable lenses by Geo.

I got mine from eyecandylens.com

Besides being super comfy to wear, they go almost un-noticeable in a good way!

Design: 5/5
They give your eyes that little boost you want from natural circle lenses but no oogly-eyes :D
The pattern blends in extremely well. The photo above was taken with flash.

No flash here.
You can't even tell I'm wearing lenses really :D

Enlargement Effect: 3.5/5
That being said, if you want the super dolly look these probably won't cut it. But personally I prefer this than the large black ring. These will work without make up for sure.

Comfort: 6/5 !!!
I usually can't stand yearly lenses for more than 4-5 hours. I wore these from 7am in the morning to 5pm with no eye drops needed. Only a slight blur from a bit of dryness but that's after soooo many hours of wear! These are much thinner and definitely great for daily wear.

Price: $22.38/pair
Now if you compare these to yearly lenses, they are much more expensive since they only last a month. BUT the trade you get is comfort + quality. You are putting these in your eyes - so I would definitely pay a little more if it means it's better for my eyes :D

New necklace from Trinity Styles' luxury accessory collection. I swear it's so sparkly that you need sunglasses for them x_x

Will have a link put up for them soon. Oh and I'm also wearing lioele's cherry tint in the photo above. You can see a bit of a peachy glow on my cheeks :B

Review for that soon as well!

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  1. Hey Kristine! I have been looking for a pair of natural lenses and these look amazing. I was wondering what your regular diameter is as I have a really small diameter of 13.8mm and I'm not quite sure if these will look too unnatural on me :(

  2. any cool daily lenses that you've came across?