[REVIEW] Almay Smart Shade Color Correcting Primer

By Kristine Lam - October 08, 2012

I've been on the search for a green primer for AGES .____. and there isn't really a lot to choose from (drugstore wise). I didn't feel like dishing out $45+ for the smashbox primer from Sephora which comes in different shades because I won't be using it all the time. The Stila one step corrector was also considered but............ nope

So I was browsing at superstore the other day and I saw the Almay smart shade primer - quickly picked it up without even looking at the price! Knowing its a drugstore brand I'm sure it wouldn't be very expensive so I just bought it on the fly LOLOL. I also picked up a concealer as well just because I don't have any.

I believe it was something around $13 bucks + tax. The DNA helio packaging looks just like the Stila one step corrector so I guess you can call this a dupe.

The purple is said to correct yellowish undertones and the green for redness. I have a bit of redness around my cheeks and I was hoping this will help conceal the occasional break outs better as well :)

Looks a bit yucky I know ._. but don't let that stop you! It's a pretty light weight primer, the consistency of this is quite similar to that of Stila's. There isn't really much of a smell that I saw some bloggers complain about. Maybe its because I'm still recovering from my cold idk but nothing seems to bother me too much.

I let this sit for around 2-3 minutes before continuing onto bb cream. You should always try to let your primer sit for a few minutes before applying anything over top. This gives it time to form that barrier you want for your foundation/bb cream/concealer etc. I know it's hard sometimes when you're rushing in the morning - but try D: !

Now onto it's effectiveness - I think this does a pretty decent job! I see a pretty obvious difference even before applying anything else over. It doesn't change the hue of my skin but the redness really does look less obvious. I'm not sure about the effects of it correcting yellowness because I don't have that problem. It also seems to allow my make up to go on smoother.

- Cheap
- Does reduce redness
- Allows for a smoother bb cream/foundation application
- Pump bottle is a plus

- None really as of right now :O

If you're looking for a color correcting primer for redness/yellowness ~ I would def recommend this one if you're looking for something below $35!

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