Staple outfit trend - sweater + collars

By Kristine Lam - October 08, 2012

Sweater weather is rolling in slowly ... although I'm not looking forward to the cold, I do love lounging around in big huge sweaters with a cup of hot chocolate ;3;

I think the trend has been around for a while - but layering a blouse beneath sweaters/sweat shirts are seen are on sooooooooooo many ulzzangs!

Fake collars are worn on outfits like these as well ~ but layering an actual blouse beneath is good to keep you warmer too :p

Ever since this sweater came in, I've been wearing it SO much ;3; .. one because it's BRIGHT PINK (a color I really lack in my closet) so I was so excited <3 and two because it's so comfortable and perfect for the weather now.

YSL necklace being worn can be purchased here - again my personal favourite for a while

Put a filter over this photo but the sweater is still an eye catchy color regardless :D
Knitting quality and detail is great. Definitely a keeper for myself. Unfortunately purple just sold out today but will be restocked upon request. Pink has already been re-ordered so it's on its way!

Purchase the candy sweater here

And I know I'm getting old......BUT this jacket completely revived my dead bow obsession. This Liz Lisa inspired jacket is ABSOLUTELY ADORBS <3

Do you see the sleeves and lace details on the pockets?!
And the price won't break your bank either (like liz lisa will ._.)
You can also get it in 2 other colors - right here

I'm also wearing the bright pink lip gloss I got from my previous mini drugstore haul in the photo above. The color really pops without needing to use any lip concealer before hand. Yay revlon!

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