Quick Review - Topshop Skin Glow + Outfit Post Trinity Styles

By Kristine Lam - November 04, 2012

Wow I've been mia from blogging for a while again :\ 
Work and 4th year university is getting the best of me!

I have soooooooo many recent gets to blog about and 2340923432 reviews to post up ... SOON. I did get a chance to stop by the newly opened Topshop downtown last week. The store is gorgeous and I've always been a topshop fan so I was very excited :D

I didn't know they carried make up until recently! And a fellow SA told me that apparently MAC manufactures their make up line. +10 points right there.

I was looking for a highlighter for a while and decided to pick this one up. It was pretty cheap - $18 + tax. It has a natural pink shimmer. Don't be too alarmed at the amount of glitter when you try it out on your hand. I assure you that it won't make you look oily - but very, very natural!

A bit of a quick  mini review ... didn't get around to take photos or anything :'( but I've been using it pretty much every day. It can also be used as a base before bb cream or foundation to give your face a dewy glow.

POINT BEING - this is a great product and I love it!

Lastly, quick photo poar. Super popular top from recent arrivals for Trinity Styles. 
I tend to wear all the dark gloomy colours in the winter but the mint + pink combo is too cute to resist. 

The knit itself is very soft and cuddly with a wide collar which means you can pull it off the shoulder for the lazy look :3
Plus - Made in Korea which means quality is A+!

You can take it home for $35.00 - currently awaiting for restock and many orders have already been placed so get yours in early to ensure you get one in the next shipment!

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