[REVIEW] Clarisonic Mia v.s Shiseido Cleansing Massage Brush

By Kristine Lam - November 04, 2012

I was really really excited to review the Clarisonic Mia since I got it. I wanted it for the longest time and couldn't bring my self to splurge on it :'(

However...I was very lucky to have it given to me as a gift from le boyfriend a few months ago :)
I had really high hopes for this - as most of you probably know how much hype this product has since it came out.

To begin with...I have very, very sensitive skin. I'm not prone to break outs except when PMS comes around. Then I get a few bumps on my forehead here and there. Other than that, I would say my skin is generally in a pretty good condition (not to sound obnoxiously arrogant but :p).

I wanted the mia purely to keep my skin this way and improve some rough patches I have on my forehead. I heard it does a great job cleaning blackheads and reducing pores so +10 points there too!

I didn't know my boyfriend was going to buy me the mia so I actually bought the Shiseido cleansing brush already and I absolutely loved it (you can see my post on it here).

The mia comes with their normal brush head in the box. They say that the normal brush head is good for the face AND the body (???!!)

They were right about it being good for the body - but for the face? LULZ NO PLEASE. 

It was horribly scratchy on my cheeks and I couldn't stand it at all. It was okay for my forehead and nose but even on those areas it was a bit irritating.  I stopped using it after trying twice :\
It made my nose peel/flake and irritated my cheeks terribly!

I went and bought the delicate brush which is said to be good for sensitive skin. After the switch, I found that it does indeed do wonders for black/whiteheads on your nose. It really gets everything out and to the surface where you can then use a facial sponge or extractor to remove. However, even though I was already using the softest brush, it still had negative effects on my cheeks.

I only use it for 5 seconds on each sides of my cheeks - it still feels a little abrasive. I also find that after using it, I get these small bumps on my cheeks which I never have before :\ ... I haven't changed anything else in my routine except for the mia so I'm pretty sure it's the cause. And the brush head is clean and new - shouldn't be from bacterial contamination either!

A lot of people say that is an initial purge stage your skin goes through but I rarely ever break out or get anything on my face besides the T-zone area. I don't believe that my skin would get worse just to get better in this way :(

So now I gave up on using it on my cheeks and I only use it once a week or sometimes even every 2 weeks on my T-zone to deep cleanse.

My overall experience with the Mia...

- The vibrating brush really does a good job cleaning out white/blackheads from the nose
- I've had a super clean and shiny nose ever since owning this :D

- Mad expensive
- You have to replace the brush every 90 days (expensive as well!)
- NOT recommended for people with sensitive skin
- Too abrasive for every day use

I really don't feel that the mia lives up to its hype. Not even close. Maybe it's just because I have really sensitive skin :\
You can achieve the same result of deep cleansing with the mia by using a purifying mud mask every week on your nose/t-zone to get all the gunk out. That's what I've been doing before I owned mine :)

Compared to the Shiseido brush, I would recommend that over the mia any day to everyone. The Shiseido brush is extremely comfortable to use all over my face and gentle enough to use every day :) 

Just my personal opinion - let me know if you own a clarisonic your self on your experience with it!

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