[REVIEW] Dueba 3 Tone Gossip Grey Circle Lenses

By Kristine Lam - December 19, 2012

Been MIA forever from blogging - school and work is being overwhelming and I just haven't gotten the time to sit down and write anything!

Going to kick start a series of reviews starting with new circle lenses I bought recently. I wanted a pair of grey lenses since I haven't worn any for a while so I picked up a pair of Dueba Gossip Grey from eyecandylens.com (now eyecandys)

Grey lenses always end up looking blue-ish on most asian eyes. But I liked these regardless!

Design: These are very vibrant lenses with 3 tones - outer black ring - grey/blue layer - GOLD inner ring. The inner ring is what really makes your eyes pop for these lenses, which also means they are hard to wear without make up. I wouldn't wear grey lenses without make up anyway - so this isn't much of an issue for me :D
14.5mm - dolly dolly look.

Close up

Comfort - I wore them on the first go for approx. 8 hours and around the 6 hour mark it started getting a bit dry. My eyes were a bit red after taking them off - didn't expect too much since these are yearly disposable. I would still much prefer the geo coco 30 days if I'm going to be wearing them for over 6 hours

Have to end the post with a selca of course ;)
P.S. - necklace is new at Trinity Styles, only on facebook right now though so head over there if you are interested!

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  1. Woah these are stunning!
    Definitely considering getting them. I really do hope they come in brown *goes to look*

    1. they have brown! did you get them :D

  2. these are gorgeous on you.
    I have been thinking to get yearly lenses as well...or monthly. since those lenses have more designs to them.
    However, it seems they can't be worn for too long....do you carry cases with you so u can take them out in the middle of the day when your eyes starts to feel sore?

    1. monthly lenses are much better imo! but they tend to have simpler designs :(
      i usually bring eyedrops with me and only wear circle lenses when i know i won't be out for too long!

  3. Wow I want to buy a pair! Your camera has such good quality! I love ur lenses! ♡

    1. Thanks! Definitely recommend these lenses!