[REVIEW] Lippies of the year - Part 1

By Kristine Lam - December 24, 2012

I'm a super lip product junkie - I have sooooo many lip balms and lip colors its not even funny -_- ... so I'm sharing with everyone the best and worsts I stumbled upon this year! Lots of products so I'll split this up into 2 posts.

1. E.L.F's mineral moisturizing lip tint
Oh dear this is probably the worst thing balm/tint I've ever bought. It isn't pigmented, doesn't moisturize - IT DOES NOTHING. Do not buy end of story.

2. EOS lip balm
A lot of people love this balm but it just doesn't do much for me. It's not really that moisturizing but it is cute to carry around or have at your work desk. And the thing I hate most is when you're half way done using it, the balm surface is flat and it makes application really difficult. You have to awkwardly pout and rub in circles - okay yeah you probably get the idea...
I always end up just not using it even though there is still quite a bit of product left :\

Besties (Tinted Lipbalms):

My lips get really dry so the recent hype around tinted lipbalms got me really excited - and made me buy pretty much every hyped one out there...=w=

Revlon just bitten kissable lip tint - Revlon colorburst lip butter - and lastly Maybelline's baby lips. I love all 3!!

1. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Tint - these marker looking thingies are balm stains that are well pigmented and moisturizing. They have a pen tip which allows you to line your lips nicely. A bit of a minty smell which was kind of surprising. Love love love! I got it in the orange coral shade (Rendevous) and the beige nude (Charm).

2. Revlon Lip Butter - after seeing several videos on these, I went and picked one up. I'm obsessed with nude shades recently (if you can't tell already) so I got it in creamsicle. They're called lip butter for a reason - the texture IS really like butter. It's really soft and the down side to this is that it seems like the lipstick is "melting" a lot of the times. The texture is thicker than the kissable lip tint - so more moisturizing. I really like this as well :D

Super hard to photograph swatches since they're only slightly tinted AND a nude shade - I failed miserably SORRY ;____;

And because this post is getting really long, I'll leave the rest to part 2!

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