Nasty Gal EPIC Sale Order

By Kristine Lam - January 28, 2013

So I was doing homework and somehow saw that there's a super sale going on at Nasty Gal ... I shouldn't have clicked in - UGH WHY. My bank account is hating the internet right now.

Ended up ordering two dresses. Apparently sale items are 25% off and the final sale price is already reflected in the shown price.

What I bought:


This dress is only $11.17 ... $11.17!!! No hesitation needed add to cart plz.
I love the asymmetrical chiffon pieces on the side. I cant wait to wear this once it gets warmer - wait that's not gonna happen until July. Oh Vancouver -_-


Gorgeous nude + black combination is also an instant add to cart for me. Love the cut out details. Only issue here - strapless bra required :\ or probably nubra will work best.

This is my first time buying from Nasty Gal and I can't wait to receive my order <3
Their epic sale ends 1/31/13 so make sure to check it out before then (sorry bank accounts out there :p)

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