[REVIEW] Daiso Eyebrow Coat

By Kristine Lam - January 05, 2013

This product has been recommended by many asian youtubers and even on taiwanese tv shows and it's the daiso eye brow coat.

What does this product do?
It is a waterproof "topcoat" so to speak for your eyebrows. Eyebrow powders give a natural look but does not have very strong staying power. This helps with this issue :D

"Attention of the urself something happen the trouble on your skin using them please stop use them"
Oh translations............/____\

The product does actually look just like a nail topcoat but no worries this has no smell to it lolol :3
So this should be pretty self explanatory - apply a light coat of this over your brows after you are done drawing/filling them in and they will last the whole day! I tend to use eyebrow powder more so this was a great product for me.

And need I remind you of the price? DAISOOOOO $2.00!!!

Some claim that you can even go swimming and it won't come off but I haven't tried that yet......if any of you have tried going scuba diving or something with this please let me know how it held up? :p

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