[REVIEW] NuMe Style Curl Jam Set + horrible customer service

By Kristine Lam - January 10, 2013

I bought a new curling wand + straightener set over the winter holidays from NuMe style because I saw a great groupon deal ($15 for $115 to spend) at their site. I've always wanted to try curling wands because they give nice waves instead of the ribbon curls that irons create!

This set of styling tools costs $189 + shipping (it says it's on sale but my gut feeling tells me its those never ending sales :\). With my $15 for $115 groupon, my total came out to be around $100 for the set including shipping. Not too bad :) - but prepare for a half rant below...if you want to hear about the product itself, scroll down a bit!
 I ordered on the Dec 27th and received the item on Jan 3rd - which is pretty fast considering the NY holidays and such. It was sent through purolator. HOWEVER, I had received no notification about when my order was shipped out, or if it was shipped out as well. The tracking link on their site is broken - which got me paranoid since I didn't know about this company before hand. They state that they will ship out orders generally within 2 business days and notifications will be sent. I got nothing :\ so I decided to email their CS after waiting for 4 days without any kind of confirmation.

I understand it might be because of the holidays but the answer I received from them was slightly enraging. Okay maybe not slightly, it was borderline rude. I received no reply from their CS until a day AFTER my package had already arrived, and even then they didn't even have a tracking number for me!

Here's their reply to my inquiry about my order on Jan 4th:

In an effort to service all of our customers as quickly as possible at this time we have logged your tracking request.  A customer service Rep will contact you shortly with your tracking information.  We ask that you afford us this time by not submitting another ticket on this and or responding to this email.
Jackie Kelly
Executive Director NuMe.
/end email/
Well excuse ME! You will definitely not be receiving any emails from me in the future, or hearing from me ever again actually. What kind of company tells customers not to reply or ask them about their orders? Maybe it's just me being sensitive but really :\ 

Aside from this terribad reply, the products were okay. I just hope they don't break down anytime within warrenty so I don't have to deal with such professional service again.
Review starts here :D
Flat Iron - Pretty typical flat iron. Nothing special or wow worthy. It had a strong burning smell when I first turned it up which was kind of unpleasant but I hope this will go away the more I use it. 

- Cheap, does its job well
- Has temperature control
- Light indicator
- Heats in 30 seconds

- Burning smell
- Temperature control only indicates lowest and max setting (140 and 410) .. why :\ ???

Curling Wand - This comes with 3 barrel sizes which is wonderful to create different looks. Also had a strong burning smell when I first turned it on. It seemed to have lessened after a few uses. Comes with a heat resistant glove like most wands.

- 3 sizes in 1 set and it is relatively cheap
- Has light indicator for when it's on
- Shows the temperature rising so you know when it's ready
- Easy on/off switch

- Not much really but the burning smell is pretty annoying :\

Packaging - The set came in a large box. There was NO padding inside whatsoever which was kind of surprising because the box was so big the set would be swooshing around. I guess its not so bad since everything is fitted into a mold inside but I'm always paranoid when it comes to purchasing electronics online. People who handle packages aren't always as careful as you'd hope them to be :(

See all that space :\?

Overall, I think this was a pretty good deal with the groupon but I will not be repurchasing anything from this company due to their wonderful customer service. Their products on their "regular" price is a bit expensive for what they are and I would go for something like the GHD for the same price.

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  1. UGH how rude! Not only is it rude but that is extremely unprofessional for an Executive Director! Good thing you didn't pay more than what you had to on Groupon!

    1. Totally unimpressed >:( I'm glad I had the groupon or else I'd be even more upset!

  2. I am having almost the exact same problem with NuMe. I haven't gotten my product and am scared I never will! I regret buying it in the first place and am scared if it breaks or doesn't work that I wont get any help from them. My rating for NuMe right now is 0.

  3. I was wondering if you had to pay for extra customs fee for shipping it to Canada? Your review is one of the few "honest" one I've read - everyone else has raved about this brand and even their customer service. I want to know more about this brand before investing in it! I found a coupon that drops the curl jam to less than 100, and wanted to know if it was worth the hassle

    1. Fortunately I didn't have to pay any additional customs for this :) their products are "okay" - nothing special and definitely not comparable to GHDs but it is a good deal to get both a flat iron + curling iron (with 3 barrel sizes) for $100!

    2. So you had to pay more than what it said at the check out?

    3. So you had to pay more than what it said at the check out?

  4. give Karmin a try.

  5. I don't think they said anything wrong. They are only saying that they are processing your complaint, so don't spam them with more complaints so they can help other people.

    Are you a non-native english speaker? That could be a reason for the misunderstanding.